Omega-3 algae oil from sustainable sources with a high content of DHA and EPA to satisfy the daily requirement of essential fatty acids.

»„Ich dachte lange, eine hohe Omega-3 Quelle geht nicht ohne Fisch, mit O-Max ist das möglich und das ist ein unfassbar guter Ansatz, gerade weil der Fischbestand dadurch geschont wird.“«

Susanne SchmidTierärztin

O-max contains high concentrations of the forms of omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) that can be directly utilized by the body. These can be directly and almost completely assimilated. O-max has been optimized in taste and is extremely well accepted by dogs and cats. One ton of algae oil replaces 60 tons of fish in the extraction of omega-3, making O-max a sustainable source of omega-3. The algae Schizochytrium sp. is used to produce the oil. The algae is cultivated in special containers, which ensures that the marine ecosystem is not affected. Unlike fish oil, the algae is not exposed to pollutants.

Ingredients (excerpt)

  • Algae oil (from Schizochytrium sp)

    Schizochytrium sp. is a micromarine alga with a naturally high content of the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA.

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