Dermax - soon available in Ireland

Food supplement to support the skin function against unpleasant coat odour

Dermax - soon available in Ireland

Dermax is a natural food supplement that maintains the skin’s natural healthy condition. It is prophylactic for stinky, scaly and greasy fur, often due to superfluous sebum production. The Vitamin D3 in Dermax can retain the healthy condition of the skin and prevent superfluous sebum production. Female dogs in heat often develop an unpleasant fur odor. The chlorophyll helps to maintain the activity of the protein-splitting enzymes at a normal level, thus inhibiting the development of bad odor.

Best bioavailability of Chlorophyll and Vitamin D3

Dermax contains Chlorophyll, Vitamin D3 and Omega-3-fatty acids in exceptionally high concentrations. In order to obtain the best possible rate of digestion and absorption of these ingredients, Dermax is produced with the help of a unique solubilization procedure. This results in greater bioavailability compared to conventional production methods and the common dosage forms like tablets or pastes.

Ideal metabolic potential due to innovative production process

Many substances that play a role in metabolic processes have marginal bioavailability, which means that the body either absorbs little or none of these substances. There is basically minimal transport of substances through the intestinal wall into the blood circulation. A special solubility system increases the bioavailability and inhibits a rapid degradation in the body. The solubilizates are anhydrous and consistently transparent; therefore they contain no solids or crystals (colloidal). When exposed to water the self-emulsifying system results in the spontaneous production of very fine particle micelles (emulsion droplets). The physical nature of the micelles is characterized by the high bioavailability and stability. Once ingested, the micelles can be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, enter the blood stream and via the capillaries pass through the tissue advancing to the cell wall. Here they assimilate on the surface and the active substances can unleash their full potential in the interior of the cells.

Chlorophyll (Natürlicher Geruchsschutz)

Chlorophyll reduces the activity of protein splitting enzymes, thus reducing the development of unpleasent smells.

Vitamin D3

A suet surplus is often responsible for smelly fur. The natural activities of the suet cells (sebozytes) can be maintained by administering Vitamin D3. This way, dandruff, oily and stinking fur can be avoided.

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