The natural shampoo for dogs. Suitable for all types of fur


Inuvera sensitive shampoo, especially gentle and soothing, cleanses and nurtures the skin while improving fur gloss. Inuvera sensitive shampoo contains a complex of purely natural ingredients. Making it the perfect choice for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin. Inuvera sensitive shampoo is especially gentle – the ph-value of 7,2 is aligned to the natural physiology of a dogs skin.

Aloe vera extract (Aloe vera)

Aloe vera plants are known for their vitalising effect. The aloe extract hydrates the skin and coat and gives them new shine. To date more than 200 ingredients have been identified in the extract. These include important vitamins and minerals, as well as the amino acid lycin. Lycin strengthens the development of collagen and facilitates the skin regeneration (epithelialisation), thus improving elasticity.

Horse-chestnut extract (Aesculus parviflora fructus)

The seeds of the horse-chestnut are known for their strong natural washing effect. They also contain the triterpensaponin-mixure Aescin, which is made of more than 30 saponingylcosides and is known for its blood circulation stimulating and vein strengthening effect. Horse-chestnut-extract contains a high amount of flavonids, coumarin, tannins and nutrients.

Silk proteins

In its natural composition, silk is very similar to the coat of a dog. Silk contains 17 different amino acids, which are also found in a dogs coat. These penetrate the hair, strengthening and vitalizing it from within. The moisturizing and film-forming properties of the silk proteins can also maintain a natural level of moisture in the fur and protect it from drying out.

Bamboo shoot extract (Bambusa graminea)

Natural bamboo shoot extract contains a high proportion of silica. Silica is known to increase skin and hair density as well as their natural regenerative capabilities, thus protecting it from outside influences.

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