ManukaLind Patches

Hydroactive, nourishing skin pads for animals that support skin regeneration. Contains Manuka honey and comfrey extracts.

»We love working with you because your products deliver what they promise, are plant-based, cruelty free and often suitable for allergy sufferers.«

Nicole Heider Veterinary nurse

»Whether dog or horse, I take the ManukaLind ointment really for everything. That the products are only available in the practice feels good to me!«

Christine JahrendPet owner

The Manuka honey is imported from New Zealand and derived from honeybees visiting the blossoms of the Manuka shrub. Its unique composition promotes skin regeneration. The hydroactive ManukaLind patches are soaked in ManukaLind ointment.

Thanks to the long-term application of the patches the affected area remains saturated. In this way, the patches protect the skin from drying out and from invading germs. The patches are also pourous and guarantee a high degree of breathability. They therefore require less frequent changing, making the animal less likely to be traumatized by repeated bandage changes. Additionally, the patches serve to protect the affected area from excessive licking.

Ingredients (excerpt)

  • Manuka honey (MGO 514+)

    Manuka honey is derived by honey bees from the South Sea myrtle (Manuka bush) in New Zealand where it has been used for many generations. ManukaLind features Manuka honey with a particularly high level of methylglyoxal (MGO 514+), a sugar metabolite that is present in concentrations 100 times higher than in conventional honeys. Due to this unique natural phenomenon and the subsequent antibacterial properties, Manuka honey is highly acclaimed by experts worldwide.

  • Comfrey extract (Symphytum officinalis )

    Comfrey greatly enhances skin regeneration. The allantoin contained in the roots and herbs of comfrey has a positive effect on the cell growth of the skin. Comfrey root extract stimulates the circulation of the irritated skin and helps soothe the infected area.

  • Essential oils (Lavender, thyme)

    Essential oils have an unpleasant taste which discourages the pet from licking the ointment and thus the infected area. The essential oils also work as a repellant against flies and others pests. The oil is safe for cats.

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