Where can I buy Inuvet products?

All Inuvet products are available exclusively from your veterinarian - ask your supervising vet. We would gladly contact your veterinarian so that you can obtain the desired product directly from the clinic. Just give us the name and address of your vet and your contact details for further questions. Click here to obtain our contact details and business hours.

Why are Inuvet products only available at the veterinary clinic?

A veterinarian can make a well-founded medical diagnosis and then recommend a precise and effective product. We therefore place the responsibility for keeping your animals healthy in their hands. In collaboration with veterinarians, we continuously develop modern herbal preparations and exclusively sell these products through veterinary practices. This is why we do not offer direct sales via Inuvet GmbH.

What do Inuvet products cost?

Since the veterinarian himself exclusively sells the Inuvet products, only the veterinarian can give price information.

Questions about the use of Inuvet's products.

We, as manufacturers and distributors, can provide information about any of the ingredients used in our products. However, we are not able to answer questions about applications for each individual situation. Only your treating veterinarian can do this - only he knows your animal, its medical history and condition. That is why we do not make any remote or tele diagnosis. We therefore ask you to contact your attending veterinarian directly for all medical questions, because he knows you, your animal and knows which product is best for your pet.

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Where can I buy Inuvet products?

What do Inuvet products cost?

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Questions about the use of Inuvet's products.

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