ManukaLind Ointment

Nourishing ointment that supports skin regeneration. Contains Manuka honey and comfrey root extracts.

»Before we go on holiday, we always check whether we have the ManukaLind ointment with us - it has to be there!«

Anneli GranerVeterinarian

ManukaLind is a comforting ointment made from high-grade Manuka honey, comfrey root extracts and essential oils.The Manuka honey is imported from New Zealand and derived from honeybees visiting the blossoms of the Manuka shrub. The honeys unique composition promotes skin regeneration and the comfrey extract has a comforting and positive effect on irritated skin. The natural essential oils enhance the honey‘s characteristics, act as an insect repellent and discourage the animals from licking the treated area.

The nifty nozzle

The securely screwed-on nozzle makes it possible to get to hard-to-reach places such as the anal sac or the oral cavity. The ointment can be dispensed perfectly without squirting and sticking. The reusable nozzles are easy to clean and are a popular alternative for button cannula. They are also convenient for pet owners to handle and use.

Ingredients (excerpt)

  • Manuka honey (MGO 514+)

    Manuka honey originates from New Zealand where it has been used for generations to promote healing. The honeybees extract pollen and nectar from the Manuka blossoms (leptosperum scoparium) to create this exceptional honey. Otysan and ManukaLind contain high-grade, quality certified Manuka honey from New Zealand.

  • Comfrey extract (Symphytum officinalis )

    Comfrey greatly enhances skin regeneration. The allantoins contained in the roots and herbs of comfrey have a positive effect on the cell growth of the skin. Extracts from the root of the Comfrey (Symphytum officinalis) stimulate the circulation of the irritated skin and help to soothe the infected area.

  • Essential oils (Lavender, thyme)

    Essential oils generally have an unpleasant taste which discourages the pet from licking the ointment and thus the infected area. The essential oils also work as a repellant against flies and others pests. The oil is safe for cats.

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