Otysan drops supports the regeneration of the skin, especially for use on and in the ear. Can also be used in skin folds. Made with Manuka honey.

»We like to use Otysan especially for dogs and cats. We are a huge fan of the Manuka honey it contains!«

Alexandra BarteltVeterinarian of the Veterinary Mobile

Otysan drops are used to comfort and soothe irritation of the pinna and outer ear. Otysan drops support the regeneration of the skin, especially for use on and in the ear. The unique combination of botanical ingredients and high-grade Manuka honey (MGO 514+/UMF 15+) in Otysan supports natural skin functions and calms irritated areas of the auditory canal.

Ingredients (excerpt)

  • Manuka honey (MGO 514+)

    Manuka honey originates from New Zealand where it has been used for generations to promote healing. The honeybees extract pollen and nectar from the Manuka blossoms (leptosperum scoparium) to create this exceptional honey. Otysan and ManukaLind contain high-grade, quality certified Manuka honey from New Zealand.

  • Calendula extract (Calendula officinalis flores)

    Calendula nurtures and soothes irritated skin and the infected area.

  • Lactic acid (Acidum lacticum, pH-value: 2,8)

    Lactic acid lowers the pH value (pH = 2,8) to an inhospitable environment for malassezia and bacteria.

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