07. February 2022 — von Inuvet GmbH

Veterinary practices from all over Germany responded. We asked: "How do you benefit from what Inuvet does?"

"We love working with you because your products deliver what they promise, are plant-based, animal-free and often suitable for allergy sufferers."

Nicole Heider, Veterinary Practice Dr. Walther

"For me as a veterinarian, it is nice to be able to offer herbal alternatives for treatment that have been specially developed for animals."

Dr. Cornelia Kaschig, Veterinary Practice Kaschig

"Modern: Thanks to social media, you always stay up to date, the ordering process is easy and speedy and sustainable, plastic-free packaging is offered."

Andrea Bernet

"The company Inuvet inspires me with many great, innovative products that are not available anywhere else in this way. I can't imagine my daily practice without them. They give me the opportunity to support our animals effectively and all this with the healing power of nature. Last but not least, the online ordering process is the most uncomplicated I know!"

Dr. Daniela Krause-Erl, veterinary practice for small animals and reptiles

"First and foremost for us in the practice are Inuvet products. Especially Calmin. Why? We have had such incredibly good experiences with it with our patients."

Lina Simons, Khelladi Small Animal Practice

"For me, Inuvet stands for successful treatment with natural substances. With Inuvet products I manage to support my patients optimally."

Anneli Graner, veterinarian at the equine clinic Parsdorf