Get pet-ready this Christmas

05 November 2020 — by Sara Roller  

Chances are this New Year’s Eve will be a bigger and louder one than ever. Parties, Fireworks and General Mayhem – We all know the drill. So, let’s get to preparing your pets for the "Crash Bangs" over the festivities. Use these 5 tips for sensitive dogs and cats:

Don’t leave animals alone:

It's best for them to spend New Year's Eve in a quiet room in their home. Animal who hate noise should not be left alone as this will only increase their panic attacks.

Ensure a safe to hide:

This will not only protect them from loud noises but also the unusual lighting effects of fireworks, which will only increase the panic. Therefore, close all shutters, darken small animal enclosures and offer cats a cuddly hiding place. A good hiding place can for example be their transport box or even a cardboard box.

Switch on the TV or play music:

This buffers the loud sounds of fireworks from outside and creates a more relaxed atmosphere for them.

Stay calm yourself:

It is so important for pet owners to also remain calm. Animals pick up our moods via their fine-tuned antennae. When we are stressed, they will become more insecure. If we remain calm and relaxed, this will have a positive effect on your pet.

Safety first:

Always keep your dog on a leash for a few days just to be cautious. Keep cats in the house temporarily, where possible. Bring large animals into the stable. Rabbits and guinea pigs that live in outdoor enclosures should also move temporarily to a cool, dark place inside your house until the New Year's Eve events are over.

Every animal reacts differently, and panic can manifest itself in many ways. Ask our veterinarian for advice and create your own individual anti-anxiety plan this Christmas time.