Every day you give your all for animal health. We support you in this: for more than 10 years, we have been using a scientific approach to produce plant-based products for four-legged friends in all situations. More than 20K veterinarians trust us, work with us and are part of our mission: to keep animals around the world naturally healthy.

You are in good hands with us

Your competence and expertise can't be topped - we trust you completely. Inuvet products are therefore only available to pet owners in veterinary practices, where they can be applied and sold with experience and knowledge. This distinguishes us from many other manufacturers whose products are freely available to everyone in online shops. Do you also want to use Inuvet products in your practice, recommend them and give them to patient owners? Then you can easily register:

Why Inuvet?

The Inuvet product range is constantly being developed and adapted to keep animals naturally healthy to the best of our knowledge. Together with you, we also want to make the practice greener: That's why much of our sustainable, regionally produced packaging is made from 85% recycled paper.

"The company Inuvet inspires me with many great, innovative products that are not available anywhere else in this way. I can't imagine my daily practice without them. They give me the opportunity to effectively support our animals."
- Dr Daniela Krause-Erl, veterinarian

Get to know each other - in person or via video call

Are you curious but not yet convinced or do you simply want to learn more about us and our products? Then we would like to invite you to a personal meeting. Feel free to contact us: in person by telephone ( +43 720 81 68 28), per WhatsApp oder per Email. We look forward to seeing you!

Any questions? Just ask!
We will answer some of the most common ones directly here. Maybe your question is already included, otherwise don't hesitate to contact us!

Are all products only available in veterinary practices?
Yes! Pet owners can order and purchase products exclusively through our partners, the veterinary practices. Just google: You will find everything on the internet - except Inuvet products for sale. Distribution is exclusively through your practice.

Is there a minimum order value and how high is it?
There is no minimum order value, so you can order any quantity.

What is the shelf life of the products?
Grundsätzlich kann eine Haltbarkeit von 12-18 Monaten erwartet werden.

How long do the products last, and how long can I use them?
Genaue Infos zur Dosierung findet ihr auf den jeweiligen Produktseiten.

What shipping time can I expect?
Orders that arrive by 12 noon are usually shipped the same day and will be in your practice after 1-4 days.

Where are Inuvet products produced?
All our products are produced in Germany.

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